An Ultimate Guide: Best Time To Post On Instagram

Let’s say you own an online clothing and accessory shop and have just taken a stunning snapshot of your newest offerings to showcase on your website. How can I maximise the number of people that interact with my post on Instagram?

To “decide” which material to “promote,” Instagram’s algorithm uses factors including “recentness,” “interest,” and “interaction.” In this article, we’ve compiled helpful data on the optimal publishing schedule, broken down by both industry and content type.

Finally, we’ll go through some strategies for figuring out when to post on Instagram to get the most attention. Let’s get started with this profound scroll down!

Instagram’s Prime Time for Video Posting

Do you seek to produce entertaining, interactive, and easily consumable Instagram posts? Then go for “reels,” which are videos that are no more than one minute long. The engagement on Instagram reels is 22% greater than that of ordinary Instagram videos.

Therefore, think about incorporating them into your current plan if you want to improve the outcomes of your narrative.

When Should You Post Videos on Instagram and IGTV?

If you enjoy classic videos and have found that they resonate well with your followers, you may be wondering when you should share them. Sharing them when people have a lot of spare time increases the likelihood that they will watch them all the way through.

In a word, if you want your readers to stick with it, you should post them first thing in the morning or late in the day.

This also holds true for IGTV. In this scenario, it looks that most people are available on Wednesday evenings about 8 o’clock.

When is the Ideal Time to Share Instagram Stories?

In recent years, Instagram’s “stories” feature has exploded in popularity, allowing users to share content that disappears after 24 hours. Businesses may use Instagram Stories to test out various sorts of content to determine what resonates most with their audience.

They may also communicate with the audience in a more genuine way by sharing informal messages and videos. Is there a preferred time and day to submit them for maximum exposure?

If this is the case, post your articles on the day and at the time when the most people are engaged, as indicated by the worldwide engagement statistics presented at the outset. In a nutshell, starting the workday about noon would be ideal.

The Ideal Instagram Live Streaming Window

Experiencing something for the first time in real time is unparalleled. Your Instagram followers will feel more connected to you and the community when they participate in a live event. When they see appropriate, many companies may bring in special guests to collaborate on new, high-quality content for their clientele.

As a result, you should give it a shot every so often if you want to deepen your connection with them. If you want to keep your audience on board, it’s best to go live when they have time to tune in, such as in the afternoon when they’re likely to be free from work and other commitments.

Instagram Posting Tips That Guarantee Likes and Comments

New companies who have recently begun their Instagram strategy may use all this information to expand their audience and participation. However, it’s clear that every company and its customer base are different.

The question therefore becomes how to ascertain the optimal timing for Instagram posts. Come and find out with us!

Keep an eye on Instagram’s analytics

Instagram analytics are the best approach to learn what is working and what can be improved. Among the useful indicators available in Instagram Insights are those that reveal trends in the actions of your followers.

Find the tweets that got the most reactions, and then dive into the data. When did you make the comment, and what is it supposed to convey? Is there a consistent trend that might be exploited along the road? Put all of that information together and draw conclusions about the various formats of your shared content (photos, videos, tales, etc.).

Figure out who you’re trying to reach

How well do you know your buyer personas and the typical path they take to become a customer? Understanding the age range, gender, and geography of your audience may have a profound effect on your marketing efforts.
Visualise a day in the life of your target audience to determine when they will be most receptive to your Instagram posts. Is there a commute involved? Your persona’s purchasing behaviours may be deduced from this data, allowing you to fine-tune your content schedule accordingly.

Come Up with Engaging Instagram Posts

Beautiful, relevant, and original material can help you stand out on a customer’s Instagram page and win their attention. Why? The amount of time you have to capture the attention of your followers is minute, and competition is fierce.

Put together the data on your audience’s likes, dislikes, and habits to see what they would respond to best. Once you’ve made up your mind, the quality and meaning of the photo or video you share should be your top concern. Try out different filter combinations to zero down on the perfect look.

Keep tabs on your most formidable rivals

If you want your material to continue to be useful and up-to-date, you should pay attention to what other people are doing in your industry. Check out what their most engaged followers are doing besides engaging with the content they post.

Although it’s more crucial to keep tabs on highly active and prominent social media accounts, you shouldn’t overlook less-followed pages for fear of missing out on fresh ideas.