Top 6 Instagram Celebrities Who Have Huge Followings

With the help of Facebook, Instagram has become a worldwide phenomenon since its launch more than a decade ago. Knowing the optimal times and days to post on Instagram is important, but being a must-click requires more than that.

As a result of their rapidly expanding fan bases certain users of this social networking site have become almost household names. People and companies who rise to prominence on social media are eventually labelled “social media influencers” or “influencers.” With the introduction of TikTok, a platform whose reach, functionality, and shareability have been heralded as game changers in the realm of social media, the phrase has taken on new significance.

Each of the below influencers exemplifies successful strategies for leveraging Instagram to establish a business.

So, Who Exactly Is a Social Media Influencer?

A social media influencer is someone who is trusted in their field, has a large following, and can encourage your followers their advice. In fact, well executed influencer marketing is quickly becoming an indispensable business asset.

After all, influencers have the resources and credibility to regularly draw in visitors, and they may inspire others to do the same. They may be anyone from a blogger to a famous person to a successful internet business owner who uses a specialised market to build their reputation.
Instagram’s photographs and short videos are easy to share with friends, which in turn helps marketers increase your followers their reach by telling stories via Instagram Stories. They may reach not only their own followers, but also the following of those who share their material. Because of this, they frequently participate in sponsored posts so that they may earn money from their Instagram content.

With influencers generating more social engagement than the advertising brand’s account, it’s no surprise that the number of brand-sponsored influencer posts on Instagram has skyrocketed from 1.26 million in 2016 to a whopping 6.12 million in 2020.

An influencer may build a brand for oneself in many fields by sharing relevant posts, stories, and clips. They might be an effective marketing tool if their focus and demographics are in line with your own or your brand’s goals. In order to gauge the efficacy of their influencer marketing programmes, many companies now require partners to establish key performance indicators.

1. Addison Rae

Addison Rae is the model to emulate if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a viral sensation and landing a TV contract. Her viral TikTok lip sync videos, along with her 38.7 million Instagram followers from her beauty-focused postings, led to the offers of a Netflix programme and a debut single. She became well-known among devoted followers because to her connection with Kourtney Kardashian (also a prominent Instagram influencer).

2.Huda Kattan, sometimes called Huda Beauty

The Oklahoma native and cosmetic guru has amassed a massive following on social media, making her one of the most influential beauty gurus in the world. She originally was a blogger, but now she uses Instagram (as the handle @hudabeauty) to share cosmetic instructions with her 49 million followers.

Instagram is a great place to spread the word about your cosmetics business. After all, Instagram is all about pictures, and beauty is mostly about how you look. Take the example of Glossier, a cutting-edge beauty company that has found enormous success by using user-generated content shared on Instagram. And Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty business, which caters to women of “all skin tones” with its products, has amassed 10.8 million Instagram followers and turned its creator into a millionaire.

3. Khaby Lame

A former Italian factory worker is quickly rising through the ranks of Instagram influencers. Khaby Lame turned to sharing videos on TikTok after being laid off due to the coronavirus outbreak. He gained popularity on Instagram, where he now has over 35 million followers.

4. Itsines, Kayla,

Itsines, an Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur, frequently updates her website with new exercise videos, motivational quotes, and healthy eating advice. She is the co-creator of High Impact with Kayla (formerly known as Bikini Body Guides), a 28-minute training programme designed to assist women gain strength and fitness.

5. Gomez, Selena

Gomez is a tremendous celebrity influencer, having been Instagram’s most followed user for years until being surpassed by the likes of “The Rock” and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Grammy-winning artist has more than 249 million followers and frequently utilises her platforms to advocate for social justice issues including ending child abuse, ending human trafficking, and empowering women. She interacts with her massive fan following by sharing both professional and personal content with them on social media.

6. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s 252 million followers have made her a significant cultural figure. She’s a multitalented lady who uses Instagram to brag about her career as a model, her standing as a socialite, and her cosmetics business. She also earns a lot from sponsored posts and used to have the most popular Instagram post until an egg surpassed her. Not an easy task when competing with such a stellar group of social media stars.

According to Hopper HQ’s Instagram Rich List, Jenner is one of the top paid Instagram influencers, making over a million dollars every sponsored Instagram post.