Successful Instagram Marketing Strategies For B2B Companies

TrackMaven discovered that Instagram is the most effective social media platform for business-to-business (B2B) brands. What this indicates is that the platform provides the most interactions relative to its user base size. Moreover, all material is housed locally on the platform, eliminating the need for visitors to navigate away from the site to see any media.

Instagram marketing may be very effective for B2B firms when done well. Keep in mind that every single month, nearly a billion people utilise the social media site. So, it makes sense to attract customers from that demographic.

What changes have been made to Instagram advertising throughout the years?
When new features were added to what was originally an image-sharing platform, it quickly became a way to convey stories via images. Beyond the traditional square format, Instagram now provides a wealth of opportunities for marketers to experiment and be creative.

More than just a collection of photographs

Instagram is no longer only a place to show off your square images. The tale you tell may now take advantage of flexible photo size and even video uploads. In addition, a carousel of up to ten photographs can be posted at once. As a result, you have more creative leeway in how you present stories visually.

Swipeable links in the tales

As an alternative to Snapchat, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories so that users could post photographs and videos while they were out and about. After 24 hours, these messages will be deleted. If you’re a marketer with a business profile and more than 10,000 followers, you may increase your efforts by adding a swipe-up link to your stories, which will take readers to a custom landing page. In any case, advertisements on Instagram Stories have the additional benefit of instant link integration.

Digiday reports that Instagram Stories’ rising popularity and flexible features have prompted businesses to increase their spending on the app. Instagram Stories are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger demographic, and completion rates (the proportion of users who watched the full story) are on the rise. Hence, marketers should think about making the switch to the disposable side.

Release of IGTV

In response, Instagram introduced IGTV, a platform within the app where users could publish lengthier videos, thus drawing attention away from YouTube. In this section, you may produce mini-episodes, tutorials, or product demonstrations that will interest your target audience and spark discussion.

Thumbnail images that link to products

Instagram released a tool that let marketers add shopping tags to photographs, catered to the rise of e-commerce. This allowed companies to quickly and easily label images with information about the things they sell, as well as provide a clickable link to a checkout page. Instagram’s long-term goal is to turn its platform into a true shopping mall, allowing users to do all their shopping without ever leaving the app. How’s that for trouble-free group buying?

Several companies have taken use of Instagram’s expanded features to present content of varied degrees of originality in an effort to win both followers and consumers. Brands who are succeeding at Instagram marketing will be highlighted below, along with lessons that may be applied to your own Instagram account.

Daily comics with an Evernote twist

Instagram posts flood users’ feeds, making it difficult to stand out. As a result, Evernote accepts the task of enticing its customers by producing incredibly relevant comics. These comics do a great job of depicting common scenarios and suggesting the use of Evernote as a possible solution.

Canva, an Instagram Stories user-creation tool

To boost interaction, Canva is now using Instagram Stories. Yet the graphic design platform tries to go in a different way, one that doesn’t include providing users with information that is engaging or hilarious or even about the platform itself.

They started an ongoing Q&A series and used Instagram’s Question sticker tag to collect user-submitted questions on their design process. The replies aren’t only a fun way to interact with consumers; they’re also a terrific approach to spontaneously address queries that customers could have. Also, it’s a speedy method of producing fresh material on a consistent basis.

So, you want to know how to become an Instagram superstar, too?

You’ve seen the potential, and now you want to launch a B2B Instagram marketing campaign. Do not rush into things without first establishing some ground rules; doing so will help you avoid embarrassing gaffes.

  • Find out who you’re talking to
  • Explore your own flavour (also known as your voice)
  • Plan your approach and establish milestones that can be tracked.
  • It’s important that your postings provide clear value for your intended audience.
  • Make sure your social media updates are related to your company’s goals as well.
  • Evaluate results and make adjustments as necessary.

Making an impact on Instagram doesn’t require a high-end camera or photo editing software. Get your team together for a brain storming session to come up with all the fresh ideas that will prove your B2B brand’s Instagram is obviously #owningit.