6 Best And Free SEO Tools To Enhance Your Website Rank On Search Results

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What exactly does SEO mean? It always provides a great pathway to increase your website visibility. If your website becomes visible to your target audiences, the Google algorithm improves your appearance on the SERP, thus increasing your rank. SEO makes specific changes to increase your organic traffic.

People use certain terms to find your website on the search results. To achieve higher searches, there are powerful SEO tools to monitor your site performance.

Are you ready to increase your website performance? Let us take a look at the following free SEO tools to grow your website in the right way.

#1. Google Trends

Google trends is a keyword tool that provides you with the right term to use in your website content. When users search using your keyword, the tool provides the change over time of search queries. It also compares your multiple keywords and provides the best.

For instance, if you have two different keywords pointing to the same meaning, compare it using Google trends and find which suits the best for your business. There is a regional breakdown option in the report that shows the region where your search terms are more popular.


The BROWSEO tool displays how the search engine calculates your site. Enter your website URL on the search bar and hit the enter button. You will get all the necessary information about your website from the header, images to useful information in SEO terms. 

With the report from BROWSEO, get the SEO details to improve your site performance and rank higher on the search engine result page.

#3. Screaming Frog

Are you struggling to find out the SEO issues in your website? No worries! Move on to your Screaming Frog tool that helps to identify the SEO problems in your site. The screaming frog tool is extremely free for the first 500 URLs. Enter your URL in this tool and it starts to crawl your site for providing information about the SEO issues in your site.

The tool helps to find out the broken links, duplicated pages, and internal links, missing meta descriptions, large size images, etc. Use this data to improve your website SEO in 2022 and increase your organic traffic. 

#4. GTmetrix

Page speed is an important SEO factor that helps to reduce dwell time. Do you want to know the loading speed of your website? Use the GTmetrix tool to find the website loading speed. A lower page speed may affect your website SEO. Using the GTmetrix tool provides the loading speed insight along with the suggestion to improve it.

Do you have one or two low-loading pages on your website? Make it clear with the GTmetrix tool. For example, it provides suggestions like reducing the size of your images to improve loading speed.

#5. Rank Checker

Do you know the place where your website lands on the search engine result page? Get the rank result with the Rank checker tool. The tool not only shows you the ranking position but provides suggestions to improve.

The Rank checker tool is easy to install and provides information about your site position. Though it takes longer to improve your ranking position, this tool keeps an eye on your ranking position.

However, if you own a new website and want to rank higher on Google, buying backlinks to your website is the best practice. By this way, you can get the chance to instantly build high DA backlinks without spending a huge time. 

#6. Responsive Design Test

How will your website appear on both desktops and smartphones? Search engines prefer websites that look amazing on all devices. The size and orientation do not matter in providing an attractive site. 

Create an attractive and responsive website design to display your website sharp on all devices. Take the design that suits all devices and avoid creating multiple sites. Run a test using the Responsive design test and update your site to gain audiences.

Final Thoughts

Gain a successful SEO strategy for your website with regular tracking and monitoring of your site with the right efforts. The above SEO tools help to find out the SEO issues and provide suggestions to improve them.  Use those powerful SEO tools and improve your website ranking on the search results.