Twenty Tips For Expanding Your Twitter Following In The Year 2023

The definitive tutorial on how to increase your number of Twitter followers.
Marketing on a platform relies heavily on three elements: the user profile, content, and interaction. Get more Twitter followers by doing the following.

Have an active Twitter profile and impress your followers with outstanding posts.

In this post, we’ll go over each of these cornerstones in detail and provide you with actionable advice for improving your Twitter presence and attracting more followers.

  • Improving your Twitter presence is a must.
  • Twitter users’ first impressions of you are based on the information in your profile, so it’s important that it accurately reflects who you are.
  • You need to explain what it is that your brand does.
  • Your brand voice and personality should come through.
  • Opportunities to learn more about you and, if you’re trying to convert them, to buy your goods and become devoted customers, are something your followers should have access to.

To that end, let’s check that everything about your Twitter profile meets these criteria and is optimised for gaining more followers.

1. Make sure your profile photo is great.

As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” therefore it’s important to choose a profile photo that accurately represents your brand’s values and ethos. It’s common practise for companies to use their logo as their Twitter profile image, which serves to reinforce the brand and increase exposure.

If your Twitter followers observe holidays like Christmas and Pride Month, you may have some fun by switching up your profile image to reflect the occasion.
Professionals looking to market and sell their services on Twitter would benefit greatly by using a photo of themselves as their profile picture. It’s no surprise that individuals use Twitter to engage with others rather than with brands or companies. If you’re a freelancer trying to build an audience, the easiest way to do so is to tweet from an account that includes a photo of you. That helps your tweets seem more authentic and trustworthy.

2. Come up with an own Twitter banner.

Since we’re already on the subject of profile headers, let’s have a look at how to pick the perfect one for your platform profile. Including both text and photos in your Twitter profile header is highly recommended since it allows you to include more information, making your profile more noticeable and understandable to users and speeding up the process of connecting with them. It’s still important that your brand’s colours and emblem be present.

Third, make your biography stand out.

Twitter only allows for 160 characters in your bio, so make every one of them count. Your brand’s mission should be summarised concisely in your bio using your brand voice. If you’re using branded hashtags, these should be included as well. It’s helpful to outline the topics you’ll be tweeting about, such as company updates, product announcements, the origin story of your company, and even customer success stories (if you have their permission to do so).

Four, specify your geographic coordinates (for local businesses)

Including your location in the bio is essential if your firm has a physical presence or serves a geographically limited customer base. You’ll be doing your audience a favour, and the Twitter algorithm will recognise that, too, and start featuring your tweets in Topics related to your location. That way, even if they don’t follow you (yet), they’ll see your tweets in their stream.

Fifth, direct people to your Twitter landing page or your main website.

Conversions are a wonderful addition to any Twitter business plan, and they can only occur if people follow your Twitter account and then visit your website. Always include a link to your main website or a landing page where interested parties may learn more about your business and possibly make a purchase. Using UTM parameters in your link will allow you to monitor the actions of your Twitter followers.

If you’re running a Twitter marketing campaign with a clear objective in mind, it makes sense to design a dedicated landing page for that traffic. The link to your newsletter should be included in your bio if, for instance, one of your goals is to increase the number of people who sign up for it. But, the following Twitter tricks are worth your time if you want to advertise many URLs.

Attend to your social life.

It’s advised that you give your Twitter involvement (and not simply Twitter statistics) your full attention (although you should definitely track those things as well). As false followers seldom interact with your tweets, your engagement rate is a solid indicator of the number of real people who are following you. Nevertheless, engagement is not only something you should check; it is also something you should actively participate in.

You can’t expect a potential follower to start following you on Twitter until you start following them first. So, it is not enough to just provide high-quality material or improve your Twitter profile. Keeping up a genuine social presence is essential to your success on this social network, and here’s how.

Never ignore tweets that mention your company.

In spite of its seeming simplicity, many marketers make the error of responding to Twitter followers only when they get a direct inquiry or request. Growing your Twitter following, however, requires constant interaction. Say something pleasant in the comments if a profile you like shared your material, reacted positively on a tweet, or complimented your product without naming you. It increases your brand’s visibility and the likelihood that people will follow you on Twitter if they aren’t already.