Carousel posts on Instagram: 10 tips for getting more likes and comments

Posting a carousel of photographs (also known as a “multi-photo post” on Instagram) is a fantastic method to attract more attention to your feed and increase interaction with your content. When telling a tale, presenting a business or product, publishing a blog post, or drawing attention to an event, this function may be invaluable.

Explain the meaning of a Carousel Post on Instagram

A carousel post on Instagram is a post that features a slideshow of up to 10 media files (photos, videos, or a combination of the two). Posting images of your goods or services in a carousel format on Instagram is a terrific method to get the word out. You may showcase a number of goods simultaneously, giving your audience a more comprehensive look at what you have to offer.

The fact that all of the photographs are contained within a single post is the feature that followers like the most about this kind of post. It makes it simple for them to browse through the gallery. This is a fantastic method for boosting interaction rates on Instagram.

Is it true that Instagram carousel posts perform better?

An analysis conducted by SocialInsider found that Instagram carousel posts had an average engagement rate of 1.92%. Given that the Instagram algorithm rewards content that viewers spend more time on, carousel posts fare better on Instagram.

As an Instagram post type, why are carousels so popular?

A carousel post is a great technique to get people interested in what you have to say and interested in your products or services in general since it gives them more information on both topics.

Consumers are more inclined to browse through a carousel rather than browse through specific posts because carousels make it easier for people to take in material in a shorter amount of time and with fewer clicks.

Instagram’s Carousel Posts: 10 Creative Uses

Instagram carousel posts have a wide variety of applications. Let’s investigate few of these further.

Expose Your Merchandise

Create a carousel post to highlight the greatest features of your product and offer your followers a comprehensive overview. Showcase your wares in as many light settings as possible, or show off all the many colorways and sizes available. Your consumer will have a more informed opinion about whether or not to make a purchase as a result.

Focus on a Certain Occurrence

Using a carousel post to tell your readers about an event is a fantastic idea. Several photos or videos from the same event can be uploaded at once and shared in a single post. There’s no better way to show off the whole scope of the event in a single update than with a carousel.

Recommendations to Share

Testimonials from satisfied customers are very persuasive and can sway the decision of a potential buyer. Showing off your positive feedback from customers in an interactive carousel format is a win-win for both you and your visitors. Post many client testimonials in a carousel on Instagram.

Earlier and later

Everyone enjoys “Before & After” images, and Instagram carousels are a terrific way to showcase the transformation. You may display the before and after of your work as a cosmetic artist, painter, interior decorator, or expert restorer by using Instagram carousels. This sort of post can be utilised for practically any specialty.

Engage Your Audience in Learning

Carousels may be used in a variety of ways to inform your target market about your offerings. A tutorial is a detailed guide or set of instructions that you write for the purpose of teaching your target audience how to do some action that is relevant to your niche. Since they allow you to offer more material while keeping your audience interested, carousels are ideal for educating your audience.

Insights from Behind the Scenes

You may gain your followers’ trust and make them feel more connected to your company by sharing behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. To show off your company’s inner workings or your employees in action, try making a carousel post with several images and/or videos.


The unveiling of your items or contest winners is another another fantastic application for Instagram carousels. You may do this by using two photos; with the first image, you can build up to the surprise, and the second picture can represent the revelation itself.

Discuss Content Created By Users (UGC)

The popularity of user-created media has been rising recently. A carousel is a great approach to showcase several user-submitted media files in a single update. These might be films or photographs showing your customers testing out your items, or they can be your customers talking about their experiences working with you and offering their feedback.

A Poll or Survey

You may utilise a carousel of photographs to poll or survey consumers and gain their input on your various items. Also, you may showcase product variations and let customers vote on their favourite in the threaded discussion that ensues.

The Reuse of Existing Material

Instagram carousels are fantastic for presenting material that has been recycled. As an illustration, you are able to quickly transform the written content of your blog post into striking visuals and then distribute them in the form of carousels.