How To Promote Your Brand With Instagram Carousel Posts In Different Ways

The app is used by businesses, companies, and influencers to expand their social media reach, engage with their target audience, and promote their products and services. The versatility of the material that can be produced and shared on Instagram is what makes it such a powerful social media tool.

Instagram: What Is a Carousel?

Instagram feed posts that include a carousel of photos or videos are known as carousel posts.

It’s convenient to share many photos or videos at once by just having the viewer swipe left to view the next one in a slideshow. Carousel postings are frequently used by individuals to share a large number of photos from the same event without having to make several posts.

Instagram’s Carousel Posts: Why You Need to Start Using Them

Now, however, there are additional benefits to employing carousel posts for Instagram-based businesses. Adding carousels to your Instagram content strategy isn’t only useful if you want to publish many videos or photos from the same event or photo session in one place.


By encouraging readers to scroll through many images at once, carousel posts can boost interaction. People are more likely to like, save, share, and comment on your article if they view it for a longer period of time.

Create curiosity in your carousel posts by hinting at more content in the next slides. You may make this a swipeable post by beginning with a graphic for the post’s title and then adding an arrow.


If you’re trying to tell a tale on social media in a way that will make people want to keep scrolling, a carousel post can be just the thing. Including at least three photographs or videos can help you tell a complete tale with a beginning, middle, and finish.

Use your caption to get viewers to swipe over and read more of your tale. It’s hardly expected to be a tough sale.

Maximise Your Success Rates

On Instagram, several businesses promote their wares by posting pictures of them.

Posting images of your goods in a carousel on Instagram is a unique approach to do so. The simplest method is to use your carousel to display three images of your product from various perspectives.

You may also utilise them to promote the product’s advantages and show customer responses or reviews. Carousel postings, in whatever form you decide to utilise it, may increase your business’s revenue.

Specifications for Instagram Slideshows

You need to know what size and specs you should be employing on Instagram carousels, just like any other creative endeavour. Because of this, your post will conform to Instagram’s aesthetic standards, increasing its chances of success. Videos should be in mp4 format, and photos in jpg or png.

How to Make a Slideshow Ad for Instagram

Instagram allows users to post a wide variety of material, including adverts in the form of carousels.

Instagram advertising are a fantastic method to introduce your business to those who may not be familiar with it. Companies may take advantage of this by include numerous media types in their advertisements.

You may make one by making a new campaign in your Instagram Ads Manager and selecting your desired demographic.

Then, select Carousel as the format.

You may next submit the photos and videos you wish to include in your advertisement by following the on-screen directions. Just put out your standard ad and copy and release it.

Instagram carousel posts allow brands to simply and effectively conduct advertising campaigns, but organic carousel posts may be just as powerful.

Initiate Action

We’ve reviewed a dozen distinct Instagram carousel post examples and their potential uses, and you now know why and how to make these posts. Now is your chance to make your first carousel post.

As you can see, they might include solely of visual content like images and videos, or only text and graphics. Have fun with it and appreciate the time and effort it takes to come up with such a complex social media message.

If you allow it, this may be a fun addition to your social media marketing approach.