How To Use Instagram For Your B2B Marketing?

It’s no secret that more than a billion people use Instagram each month; chances are, you or someone you know uses it, too.

Instagram users spend around thirty minutes each day on the app, with the vast majority (80%) of the time spent researching a purchase. So then the question arose: Should businesses be utilising Instagram?

The answer is yes. Don’t be left behind; 71% of companies are already doing it. The only relevant query is how best to maximise its potential.

Can You Explain What Instagram Is?

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app specifically designed for mobile devices. In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the app, and Facebook bought it a few years later.

It provides tools for modifying, categorising, and geotagging media that has been uploaded. Short, ephemeral materials known as “Stories” and IGTV videos are the newest content formats to emerge.

The material of other users may be liked, shared, and subscribed to. In addition to being a photo sharing and chatting app, Instagram can also be used as a content discovery tool.

Instagram: Why Your Business Needs

Any company should consider Instagram for marketing and lead generation for at least three reasons:

For one, it has a large audience

In all seriousness, it seems like everyone and their dog is using it. Considering that one-seventh of the global population uses Instagram, missing out on the chance to connect with this demographic would be foolish.

For 2, it’s easily understood

Using Instagram for commercial purposes is a lot like running a blog. You may use this space to do more than just advertise your business; you can tell tales about yourself or your team, discuss company history, or just have some lighthearted fun.

It’s not the norm

Twitter is known for its short, snappy tweets; Facebook, for its inspiring posts; and LinkedIn, for its professional long-reads. You may contact people on Instagram by using Stories, IGTV videos, or trending hashtags.
Marketing to other businesses with Instagram

Due to the platform’s emphasis on user-generated content, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing on Instagram. However, if you’ve decided to utilise Instagram for your company, there are some standard procedures you should follow.

Establish a company profile

Then it depends entirely on the calibre of your posts. Put forth your expertise, highlight your company’s ethos, work with other accounts, and have a good time doing it all.
Take your fans into your arms.

Some of the most popular firms, including Etsy and MailChimp, often feature user-created material on their Instagram pages. It would be a sin to allow great content created by your fans that features your brand go to waste. Brands may take advantage of UGC by properly managing and curating user-submitted materials.

Put all your resources to use

You need to use every resource you have, including Instagram, if you want to be successful in sales. You may show off your imagination in a variety of ways outside the standard articles and stories that you’ll fill with high-quality photographs and information.

Promote your products and services or highlight available positions with Instagram advertisements.
With Instagram Insights, you can analyse your profile and posts to fine-tune your approach.
Tutorials, workplace tours, and vlogs are just a few examples of the kind of long-form videos that have found a home on IGTV. Take advantage of hashtags to show up in localised searches, and location tags to boost your visibility in a certain region.

Strategy Pointers for Instagram Business to Business

Those five actions will get you off to a great start with your company’ Instagram account, but we still have some tips to share with you.

Maintain regular movement

Consistency is essential for all content, as we’ve already discussed. Planned actions are essential for successful lead generation, whether you’re doing a cold email campaign or mapping out your social media activity for the week.

Although there is no “ideal” time to publish, you may use Instagram Insights to determine when your followers are most active. You can determine the best time of day with some A/B testing.

Exhibit the making-of footage

One method to get to know your audience better is to give them a glimpse into the inner workings of your company and the people that make the service possible. Sharing firm updates like an office move or picture contests across departments with your followers demonstrates to them that they are part of something more than just a workforce.

Include data

Readers have long been fascinated by numerical data. You probably didn’t recall what I said in the introduction to this piece, but I bet you did remember that Instagram has more than a billion users.

Put your available tools out there

Long-form manuals, whitepapers, case studies, tutorials, etc. are just some of the tools our teams provide for new and existing clients. That’s something CIENCE is pleased to brag about on Instagram. In addition to gaining new information, your followers will notice your attention to detail and expertise.

Enjoy yourself

Planning and strategy are essential components of every successful sales procedure. Instagram, on the other hand, allows you little more leeway in terms of experimentation and originality on the part of your social media managers. If it’s entertaining for them, it could be entertaining for your readers, too.

What About Instagram for Business?

Yes! It’s a fun way to display visual content and reveal a new facet of your company. It’s true that people always attempt to acquire the greatest products available. Customers aren’t just looking to pay for a service, but for a concept and a way of life that aligns with their own.

Use Instagram to showcase your company’s distinctive qualities in order to gain a larger following and strengthen your brand.