Instagram Highlight Reels: A Business Guide With Examples

Instagram Reels have quickly become one of the most widely shared content types on the platform. As Instagram noticed that Snapchat’s Stories and then TikTok’s creative multimedia formats were gaining traction on rival platforms, it stepped up its game to provide a similar product its users would adore.

Instagram has always been a great place to promote products and services, but with Reels, the platform has even more potential. There is a lot of potential for rapid audience growth because to the format’s high level of interest and the amazing benefits it provides in terms of exposure and discovery.

A reel on Instagram is what?

Instagram Reels are vertical, full-screen videos that frequently incorporate music and visual effects.

You may compare them to a combination of in-feed Posts and Stories. They share Tales’ structure and atmosphere. Nevertheless, unlike feed postings, Reels’ captions may be as long as the user wants them to be. Fans of Reels may show their support by clicking “Like,” “Share,” and “Commenting” on the videos.

Six Suggestions for Using Instagram Highlight Reels in Your Business

Understanding how to make Instagram Reels is only the beginning. You also need to know your intended audience well in order to effectively use Reels.

Six guidelines for making interesting Reels are provided here, along with some examples that should help you get started with your own Reels strategy.

1. To start: check out what’s popular on Instagram Reels

In terms of Instagram Reels, this may be one of the most straightforward and consequential pieces of advice you can take to heart.

Spend even just 10 minutes on the platform (which you should absolutely do) and you’ll start to see certain recurrent patterns. It’s likely that you’ll hear the same audio snippets shared many times, each time with a different person offering their unique interpretation.

Act quickly on these emerging tendencies. Tying your brand to a current movement is a great way to demonstrate that you know and care about your target demographic as well as that you share their tastes, interests, and sense of humour.

You’ll have a fantastic opportunity to market limited-time offers and seasonal items if you capitalise on seasonal trends. This is an example of how Modcloth used a current hit Halloween song to market items suitable for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

2. Disseminate confidential information

People enjoy reading “insider” material because it gives them the impression that they have a deeper understanding of the company. Making a “how it’s made” or “behind the scenes” film might help people see you as genuine and approachable.

Here’s a fantastic illustration from a company that specialises in making unique signs. First, they flaunted their product using the viral audio clip from Taylor Swift’s “Ready for it” song, and then they showed the audience how it was manufactured. This video is interesting and catchy, and it may attract new consumers who are also interested in purchasing bespoke signs to the brand.

3. Third, get off to a rousing beginning

There are not one but two reasons why your Reels require a thumb-stopping start.

Secondly, you want your audience to be intrigued enough to click through to the Reels page and view the full of the film.

That’s why a good beginning is so crucial. Of course, getting in on established trends can help, but one tried-and-true method is to employ a design with large, attention-grabbing language.

An illustration is shown below. A bridal shop inserted the words “Bride at her first dress appointment” in bold type in the middle of a popular audio clip of Cardi B babbling about feeling anxious, eager, and overwhelmed about her upcoming wedding dress fitting. Pregnant women are certain to be interested; is there anything they may find out before their first dress fitting? Ex-brides can be interested or nostalgic as well. The opening of this Reel is really effective in piqueing the viewer’s curiosity.

4. Use narratives

One simple method of engaging an audience and establishing rapport is to tell a narrative about the company, a product, a customer, a personal connection, or an employee. This is why so many health-related advertising campaigns focus on individuals who overcame serious health problems by adopting a more positive way of living. Users’ impressions of your company and the confidence they have in it may be greatly influenced by the stories you tell about it.

Vulnerability in storytelling is a plus. An individual in the medical industry relates their experience of being discouraged from pursuing a career in medicine by a trusted counsellor, despite their fears and despite their eventual success in spite of those fears and despite the advice.

5. Disseminate helpful data

Even if you succeed in entertaining your audience, you can’t go wrong by also providing them with something of value, such as answers to problems they didn’t know they had or access to previously unknown resources.

Organizations would be well to adopt the approach of concentrating on informational Reels. You can provide them with instructional or do-it-yourself materials, or just basic knowledge that will help them out.

Let me to illustrate with an example. The accompanying Video was filmed by a stylist, who discusses how to gauge the quality of an item of clothes. Who doesn’t want to know if the items they buy are of good quality? This is a fascinating topic that will certainly appeal to a big audience. When the author imparts useful advice, she shows her mettle as an expert while also providing something of value to her readers. This content is great for swiftly gaining new followers.

Concluding Ideas

Instagram Reels provide novel options for brands seeking to expand their customer bases. We know there is great interaction potential and that people are routinely finding new companies through the feature. Make sure you’re making the most of this format by producing New material on a regular basis and monitoring its success.