The Best Ways To Promote Your Brand Through Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are so popular that in less than two months after their launch, the app had 100 million monthly active users. Do you, however, need to learn how to use Instagram stories to promote your business brands? Instagram Stories provides a huge boost in visibility for your business’s brand, products, and services among social media users. On the other hand, Instagram is at the pinnacle of social media advertising. As its user base grows steadily, it quickly rises to the forefront among other social media sites. Instagram Stories accelerated change on the platform by a factor of three compared to standard posts. How deeply people are connected to this characteristic is revealed by this data report.

As soon as users log into their Instagram accounts, they begin analysing the new story posts. In this article, we’ll go over how to use Instagram stories to increase revenue from social media marketing.

To begin with, what are Instagram Stories?

What you need to remember quickly is provided below. The Instagram Stories feature functions similarly to Snapchat’s photo filter, which is supported by Facebook. Users are able to work together on photos and videos, which can then be turned into slideshows with the addition of text, graphics, and emojis. In the first 24 hours after publishing a video to a Story, it will be deleted. This means that all of your photos and videos uploaded to Instagram will be easily accessible to anyone who wants to view them. Instagram Stories are meant to be short and only available for a limited time. It allows you to be the carefree, lighthearted marketer you want to be in your marketing content.

How to Use Instagram Stories Effectively to Advertise Your Products

1. Product Stickers Can Boost Your Business

Stickers for your products on Instagram are a great marketing strategy that could boost your revenue. Let’s pretend for a moment that you run a business selling glasses. Make your Instagram story more interesting by including a photo of a model holding a cooler. Put a sticker on the cooler with the cost information. The stickers look like Instagram pins in the shoppable posts. Three more stickers can be added to the same Instagram story. Try out this feature to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts if you run a small business.

Including stickers in the stories will entice readers to learn more about the product. Instagram is primarily focused on visual platforms, so the photos and videos you share will play a significant role. An excellent colour scheme and a captivating concept work together to compel consumers to investigate your offering. Not only will the Instagram pins skyrocket interest in the product among the target audience, but they will also increase sales. The Instagram sticker method and its underlying psychology are what make for a successful Instagram story. When the person holding the cooler exudes an air of affluence, half the battle is won in converting casual observers into loyal fans. Use the editing tools to boost the cooler’s colour. Use Instagram’s effects gallery, where it can recognise a wide variety of filters. With these tips, you can increase your Instagram sticker sales.

2. Keep Your Word Employing Instagram’s Story Features

Users of Instagram will remember your company longer after seeing a story from you shared on the platform. More than a billion people use Instagram every month, making it one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. At least five or six brands are pursued by each and every user on the platform. For this reason, it is important to constantly remind users of your brand’s existence in order to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds and to prevent your competitors from gaining ground. So, to achieve that goal, you can utilise these Instagram stories on a regular basis by incorporating the following elements:


In Instagram’s story section, you can ask questions and collect votes from followers. It needs to be in a way that could increase people’s familiarity with your company. Tests with questions like “Which of our brands do you like best?” are one good example. Asking your target audience probing questions like these will increase their trust in your company.

Starting polls is a great way to keep people interested in what you have to say. Create a poll asking customers to select their preferred fashion item from a selection of T-shirts and jackets, for instance, if you run a dress retail store. You can start a poll by sharing images of the upcoming interior design changes you’re making to your establishment. That’s why voting makes sense in this context.

3. Disseminate the Feedback You Receive From Your Viewers

You can share feedback from satisfied customers here because Instagram Stories are seen by more people. To increase customer satisfaction, you can encourage your regular customers to share their positive experiences with your product or service on Instagram. Once you’re ready, share them in the “Stories” section. Members of the audience are encouraged to voice their opinions by posting both positive and negative feedback in the comments section. For this reason, you should read through the responses to your Instagram posts and take screenshots of the positive feedback you receive in the stories. Trust in your products and services will grow as a result of such feedback. Companies like Trollishly, which specialise in digital advertising, now provide the advice you need to learn how to snag interesting ideas from Instagram stories.

Key Points

Instagram’s countdown sticker is a great way to get the attention of your audience before an event or to draw attention to a recent update. Stickers can be used to alter the reminder setting, alerting viewers as soon as the countdown reaches zero. As a result, Instagram Stories provide a wide variety of opportunities to promote your offering. The aforementioned guidelines will help you streamline your Instagram stories strategy.