Get Hired As A Social Media Manager: (Resume Sample Included)

To put it simply, social media managers are in charge of a company’s or an individual’s online profiles. The importance of maintaining a positive online reputation has led to a rise in the need for social media managers over the past decade.

In other words, what exactly does a social media manager do?

Depending on the company’s size, a social media manager’s responsibilities may expand or contract significantly.

It’s very uncommon for a social media manager to serve as the company’s only content creator in a smaller operation, handling all of the company’s written and visual content needs from start to finish. Managers of a company’s social media presence may collaborate with others in their company who possess these talents in larger organisations.

Describe a typical day as a social media manager.

As you may have seen from the preceding section, social media managers are responsible for a great deal in the way of content, campaigns, and the actual social media accounts themselves.

A social media manager’s 9 most essential abilities

These are ten qualities of an effective social media manager:


All social media administrators should be able to write, as nearly all social media posts need a caption.

Several social media platforms have various character restrictions and hence call for distinctive writing styles. For example, although Twitter is more casual, LinkedIn calls for a more serious tone.

Understanding how to modify one’s writing style and produce interesting, short-form text that communicates a brand’s message and call to action (CTA) in 280 characters or less is a crucial ability for any social media manager.


Mistakes in language and spelling may damage a company’s image and make consumers less likely to trust it. A social media manager’s ability to notice and correct typos and other grammatical issues before sending a message is crucial.

Presentational Format

Marketing on social media relies heavily on visuals, and Instagram in particular. As a result, it is important for social media managers to have an eye for good visuals.

Companies need not hire professional graphic designers, but they need understand what makes a good picture. To better collaborate with designers and provide useful input, they should also be up-to-date on the latest developments in picture editing software.

Competence in organising

If you’re in charge of social media, you need to keep track of content calendars for each platform.

It’s important to keep in mind that content schedules include a lot of moving parts. Social media experts schedule posts in advance because maintaining a daily publishing schedule requires a high volume of labour and a high level of organisation.

Powerful business muscle

To be successful in this field, a background in business is not necessary for social media managers. But you should know the ins and outs of how a firm operates.

A social media manager’s primary duty is to guarantee that the company’s social media marketing plan is consistent with its overarching goals.

The best social media managers keep the big picture in mind at all times, and they always consider how each post might help achieve the company’s overall objectives.

Keeping abreast on news and popular culture

Everything on social media, from the trendiest jokes to the most recent happenings, is centred on pop culture. This is especially true for microblogging sites like Twitter and the video sharing app TikTok.

For this reason, it’s crucial for social media managers to keep up with current events. This allows them to seize brand-related opportunities as they arise and to halt publishing during times of global significance.

Capacity to Perform Under Stress

If you’re in charge of a company’s social media presence, you’re also the face and voice of the company. Regardless of the company’s size, this is a very weighty duty.

In addition, a social media manager’s followers would likely analyse each and every post they make with great care. A social media manager may become agitated as a result of this.

Quantitative Research

A lot of people talk about how important creativity is for social media management. That’s right; they’ll also benefit from a firm grasp of basic arithmetic.

It is crucial for a social media manager to know how to go through the mountains of data provided by the analytics tools across all of the many social media sites (even the vanity data).


In addition to carefully combing through a business’s social media material, fans may also write nasty comments (some of which may be completely unwarranted) about the brand or the social media administrators in charge of the account.

The emotional well-being of a social media manager may be negatively impacted by such criticism. That’s why it’s important for social media managers to remind themselves to put their own interests aside and focus instead on the brand’s, and to avoid the comments if necessary.