Timely Social Media Updates In 2023

Based on an analysis of data from tens of thousands of accounts, a new study has shown the optimal periods for social media posting.

As individuals all across the world readjust to new schedules, the optimal times to share content on social media shift.

Your findings from last year on the optimal time to publish to social media may not hold true this year.

In light of new information and shifting patterns in how people use social media, Sprout Social has given revised suggestions for the year 2022.

The data was divided by platform and business sector to reveal the peak and trough times for content consumption.

Not everything can be reduced to posting at the “right” times on social media, therefore these studies have their limitations. The standard caveat that “correlation does not equal causation” is now in place.

Nonetheless, you may utilise the information to determine when your target audience is most active on social media.

Other considerations:

Information is compiled from a wide range of fields and regions.
Central Standard Time (CST) is used for all dates and timings.
Total interactions with a brand across that channel in the given time period, expressed as a number.

When Should You Generally Make Your Social Media Posts?

The most active time on social media is Wednesday mornings.

When Is It Ideal To Make A Facebook Post?

The peak time for Facebook interaction has moved from the afternoon to the morning.

Most Facebook users consistently interact with postings in the tiny hours of the workday morning.

Monday through Friday at 3 in the morning is the optimal time to make a Facebook post.

There is also a spike in activity between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Saturday is the worst day to make a Facebook post.

When Is Instagram Most Active?

After a slow start, Instagram gained traction in 2020 and 2021, eventually attracting two billion active users per month by 2022.

As Instagram’s user base has grown, the peak times for posting have shifted, with noon interaction on weekdays increasing in comparison to prior years.

The study also reveals that evenings and weekends present possibilities for heightened participation.

When Is It Best To Tweet?

Twitter’s optimal posting hours have changed “significantly” since last year.

Currently, weekday middays and mornings see the highest levels of interaction.

According to Sprout Social, this is because people are more interested in breaking news and updates and want to be entertained by means of viral Tweets and memes.

When Is It Best To Make A LinkedIn Post?

Only LinkedIn has consistently high engagement rates over the same time periods year after year.

Activity on LinkedIn peaks during the weekdays, lunchtime, and does not extend too far beyond the typical working hours in the United States.

The weekend is a bad time to publish on LinkedIn since interaction decreases off dramatically.

On Tuesdays between 10 and noon, posts on LinkedIn perform best.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the greatest days to make a LinkedIn post.

Saturdays and Sundays are the worst days to make a LinkedIn post.

Summing Up

It’s worth restating that these numbers are not a failsafe indicator of social media achievement. Depending on your audience and topic, your optimal posting hours may range greatly from those found in this study.

Before implementing changes based on the findings of academic studies, it is crucial to conduct one’s own experiments.